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Irish Terrier owners enjoy talking about the traits and habits they notice about their breed.  Recently, the Yahoo Irish Terrier Group came up with a list of things they have observed or read and find interesting and worth mentioning.  Not all are unique to the breed but have been observed, noted and submitted to the list.                             


1)   In World War I  Irish Terriers were used by the British military to deliver messages and also used as sentinels to guard military installations.


2)   The Irish Terrier tends to tolerate loud noises.  When used for hunting they are generally not a "gun shy" dog.


3)   Irish terriers are excellent hunters of vermin.  Those that have been trained as retrieval dogs for bird hunters have been found to have a "soft mouth".


4)   Many Irish Terriers show a peculiar trait of using only three legs when going down stairs.


5)   Some say they have very long tongues and make a loud noise when they yawn, "Yeooowlllll".


6)      Some Irish Terriers smile or grin.


7)      They vibrate their lips when tasting blood.


8)      Some owners swear that they can vocalize some words and that they have an “Irish Roll” in their vocal range.  You can be the judge on this one.


9)      They are a very good watch/guard dogs as well as good family dogs.


10)   They are a very active, alert breed that loves to engage in mischief such as stealing food and any other loose items within their reach.  Then give you that look like “What’s Your Problem”. They are forever testing your  patience.


11)    They can jump great heights straight up and down, like a “Pogo Stick”.  Some spin in circles when excited.


12)   Some have been observed to use their toes like fingers and reach out and pull things towards them.


13)   Irish Terrier bitches are generally very good mothers to their newborn pups.


14)   Some Irish Terrier lie with their front legs crossed.


15)  Many Irish Terriers like to sleep on their backs and with their legs sticking straight up in the air, especially in very warm, hot weather. 

16)     The Irish Terriers have excelled in Agility, Obedience, Rally and other competitive performance events.


17)  Like most other breeds, when Irish Terriers dream their paws wiggle and they vocalize.

18)   When sleeping outside they will often have their back touching an object like a tree for example (facing outward (protection mode)] or when in a bed with a human their back will be touching them.

19)   Irish Terrier are known for their selective hearing which seems to work best when the words "treats" or "cookies" are mentioned.  The #1 motivation is “FOOD”.


20)    Irish Terriers aren't particularly fond of rain and are reluctant to go outside.   However, they love snow and will run around and have a great time!


21)  Irish Terriers have shown a high tolerance for pain to the point where an owner may not realize right away that their dog is hurt or sick.

22)  Some owners claim that their Irish have shown a "mystical quality" near the end of their lives.  They say there is this look of peace and wisdom in teir dogs' eyes that told them I'm ready" and it is time to say good-bye.


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